We'd like to know about your physical activity and sporting experience whilst at Hallam - whether you are part of a team or have never laced up a pair of trainers.

This survey will ask you a few questions about your activity level, your wellbeing, and any barriers you might have faced to being more active in your time at Hallam. We want you to be healthy and happy whilst at Hallam, so let us know about your experience in this quick 10 minute survey.

By completing the whole survey and leaving your email at the end of the survey, you will be entered to win the #BleedMaroon Package. This includes: 4 Ice Hockey Varsity tickets, 4 Varsity Hillsborough Football tickets and 4 Varsity Merchandise tickets!

Some important information:

  • Your responses are completely confidential and individual responses will not be shared.
  • The survey findings will be shared in a final report for Sheffield Hallam University and the Students' Union's Student Voice Report, both of which aim to improve your experience and the offers available to you whilst at Hallam.
  • By completing this survey and clicking ‘Finish’ at the end, you consent to your responses being analysed and used to improve sport and physical activity services, offers and opportunities at Sheffield Hallam University.
  • If you enter your Student ID and you wish to withdraw from the survey, please contact uusresearch@shu.ac.uk by 28 February 2020 to withdraw.
  • If you have any questions about this survey or the use of your data, please email uusresearch@shu.ac.uk.